Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'very, very likeable'

Matt Nunn reviews my book for issue 5 of Under the Radar magazine. Amongst other generous things he says:

The glory of this book is that you never quite pin the poet down to a particular style or mood. Once you think you’ve got him nailed, he’s off somewhere else to pastorals new. Most poets of recent vintage would be using such topics as a showcase in which to dazzle rather too brightly and brashly. But there is nothing showy when it is in Williams’ hands and you’re left with the impression that knowledge gets imparted not to showoff his learning but because he enjoys knowing about stuff, and he rather modestly thinks you might do too. Nobody likes a big-head, or if they do, they soon tire of them and modesty is very much the by-word for this collection and it is what I think gives it its sheen of immense likeability.

Of course I then dispel this impression by immodestly quoting the review on my blog...


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