Sunday, October 21, 2007

All at sea

My poem 'In Broad Daylight' is up at qarrtsiluni (, and in good company (George Szirtes, Claire Crowther, Colin Will, etc). Meanwhile the latest issue of Poetry London has arrived with two of my poems in, 'Reproductive Behaviour of the Dark' and 'The Fence', the second of which was written during NaPoWriMo earlier this year. That month of frenzied writing really works.

So that's all very pleasing. Less pleasing is the fact that my internet access is severly limited and my computer use only slightly less so. It's a culture shock. But I have discovered that not being able to surf the e-detritus superhighnet does wonders for my productivity. Finished an essay and cracked on massively with my thesis last week. Every cloud...



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