Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's been a while...

...mainly because I have been kept very busy by other things. But today a copy of Orbis dropped through the letterbox, containing two poems by me. How quaint that the magazine seems not to have a website - admirably futile resistance. I see there's a poem by Andrew Shields ( called 'Go Ogle', a take on obituaries which is very funny in places. It reminds me of the Michael Hofmann poem about Marvin Gaye (in Corona, Corona).

Weird how in Blogger on the Mac I'm not offered any potions to put in links, italicise, etc.

More soon, I hope - maybe even a post discussing what other people have written, rather than just this self-promotion stuff.



Blogger Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for the plug, and nice to hear that the issue is on its way.

5:59 PM  
Blogger Ben Wilkinson said...

Speaking of your work, Tony, and I came across the poem you had in the TLS ('Ed Parsons Remembers') a while back while scanning the archives (I'm making the most of my new subscription). And I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly: I was going to print it out but I can't quite work out where the line-breaks go and how the stanzas group off (the online archive organises prose messily, never mind poetry). Any chance you could tell me how it goes, then, or email me a copy of it?


2:43 PM  
Blogger Tony Williams said...

Hi Ben,

With pleasure - though things are a bit hectic here so it may be the middle of next week before I do.

Thanks for asking,

6:00 PM  

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