Monday, September 27, 2010

Stories for Pakistan

I'm really happy to be included in Greg McQueen's book 50 Stories for Pakistan, in aid of the Red Cross Pakistan Floods Appeal.

Greg's last project of this sort, 100 Stories for Haiti, went from concept to publication in six weeks, so the Pakistan book should be in production pretty soon. I'll blog about it again when it's available to buy.

Greg says, “Once again I have found myself in the position where I cannot ignore the need to do something. This time it is Pakistan … The United Nations estimates that twenty million people have lost their homes as a result of the flooding that started last July. Add to this the thousands who have already lost their lives, and the thousands who will lose their lives because of famine and disease … And well, it is once again time to do something!”

Writing 'The Prisoner of Mansfield' was a bit of a jolly, really – writing a story of a single page is hardly doing something. So I'll be making my real contribution when the book comes out, by buying a copy – and you can help to make a difference by doing the same.


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