Monday, June 25, 2007

Smiths Knoll + free pamphlet

Smiths Knoll 40 reached me over the weekend, containing the poem I wrote for James Sheard, currently on retreat in Wales by the look s of things. Hope you're enjoying the weather, Jim.

The poem's place was marked by a crisp new twenty pound note. My wife thought it was weird that they pay in cash; I can't get over the fact that they pay. Brill.

I haven't read much of the magazine yet, but it looks good on first browse. I've spent longer perusing the free pamphlet that comes with every issue - in this case The Devil's Cut by Marianne Burton. It's generally well-written, if not always entirely to my taste - mainly relationship/personal lyrics with a Hughes-Plath grotesque/hysterical tinge. Most entertaining of what I've read so far is 'Delivering the Foetal Diorammas to Peter the Great' - really a short story in verse but no less enjoyable for that.



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