Monday, November 20, 2006

Poems in Avocado

I gave a paper on ghosts and the end of empire in Sean O'Brien's poetry at a conference on 'The Riddle of Devolutionary Identity' at Warwick University on Saturday. The conference was interesting and enjoyable, with some good connections being made between apparently disparate subjects. It was a strange and stimulating experience to feel slightly like a interloper - Englishness was rightly a marginal topic.

The reading was followed by a reading from Medbh McGuckian and David Morley, which I was unfortunately unable to stay for, to launch the new issue of Avocado magazine, which I'm delighted to have two poems published in. [The link shows issue 5 as the latest, but issue 6 was the one being launched.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not going to ask. Speculating about the connections between ghosts and the end of empire has *got* to be more interesting than the reality of any real answer. Congrats on the poems! Nic

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