Monday, July 26, 2010

'Expertly manoeuvred' misc.

Various basically unrelated thing to, er, relate to you today...

I've just finished reading Tania Hershman's fabulous The White Road, a short story collection I bought a week or so to do my bit for Salt's JustOneBook campaign (and because I wanted to read the book too, of course...). They're billed as science-related, but I didn't really notice that - it was just a very entertaining book of stories, some longish, other very, very short.

Next from Salt I've ordered Short Circuit, a guide to writing short stories, which I hope will come in handy as I move into writing fiction. I've just had my first acceptance, in fact, from Fuselit, of a tiny 300-word story. So that's encouraging and jolly and so on.

The latest issue of The Dark Horse is out now, and causing some controversy on the internet (well, on Facebook) over John Lucas's review of Roddy Lumsden's Identity Parade anthology, which Lucas doesn't think much of. Fight! Fight! etc. The review seems misjudged to me. Much more thrillingly from my point of view, there's a substantial review of The Corner of Arundel Lane and Charles Street by Charlotte Newman. She says stuff like:

Tony Williams shows all the signs of being an eighteenth-century Romantic, though this romanticism is infused with a postmodern twist.


Williams avoids sounding glib because his particular brand of eccentricity is not laboured but genuinely ruminative and tentatively philosophical... Williams is a purveyor of the modern pastoral. The pastoral for him is not the place for mere bucolics, but for an examination of diverse landscapes, whether that be physical urban and rural landscapes, or those emotional, intellectual, and linguistic landscapes explored by poetry.

Which is to say, Newman says lots of approving things, but what's particularly gratifying is that she says things that show her reading of the book matches my writing of it, as it were. I'm pathetically grateful!


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