Thursday, November 26, 2009

A novel and a long poem

Just a quick post to mention two things I've read this week:

Elizabeth Baines's short novel Too Many Magpies, about – well, about parenthood, the environment, magic, science, adultery... It's a moving, and in places actually upsetting book (it turns out I'm a sucker for parental anxiety storylines).

And last night I read Harriet Tarlo's landscape poem 'Brancepeth Beck', from her book Nab, an enjoyed it a lot. It's a sort of landscape poetry which I don't know very well – like a series of scenes rather than a developing progression (like the landscape itself, then). Very pleasing stuff.

There's more to say about both of these pieces, but marking calls...


Blogger Matt Merritt said...

I like Brancepeth Beck a lot, too. Very unusual.

The novel sounds interesting. I haven't read much fiction in a while, so I could do with something to get my teeth into.

4:39 PM  

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